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Many companies have a website with the same goal, generating Leads. To generate leads via your website, we provide the right call-to-actions. With a good one SEO , SEA and content marketing strategies e you get the right visitors on your website. But not every visitor leaves his data immediately.


With Leadinfo you will find out which companies have visited your website and which pages they have viewed. All data is shown in a clear dashboard so that you can contact them immediately. This way you get the full lead generation power of your website!

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Why is this so important?




Not every visitor leaves his contact details. In Leadinfo you can still see which company has visited your website. This way you no longer have to wait for incoming calls or emails, but you can immediately start working with interested leads!




All data that is collected within Leadinfo is yours. Even if you stop using the lead generation software, you can export the data and use the data in the future. Even with a Trial version this is possible! If you want to get started with this, applying is easy




We all don’t like it. A company calling to offer a service you’ve never heard of. Cold prospecting is no longer efficient. Thanks to Leadinfo you can now see which companies have visited you and are therefore probably also interested in your services.

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Recognize your business website visitors in just 3 steps

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LeadInfo has a 14-day trial version. You don’t have to leave a credit card or other payment information to get started with this.

Install the code on your website

Install a piece of code on your website or use the WordPress plugin. Our team can also help you with this.

Recognize business visitors immediately

The Leadinfo algorithms will immediately get to work identifying your visitors. Immediately gain insight into the business visitors to your website.

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