Work smartly on your paid reach

Organic and paid reach


In addition to optimize the website for organic growth ( SEO ), it is crucial to deal with search engine advertising SEA ) to work on your paid reach. Roughly speaking SEO the slower way to generate better reach on the internet and SEA the faster way. Both belong in one solid digital strategy .

Strengthen your online position


So you not only strengthen your online position by writing content and creating more web pages. By advertising via search engines you can promote products, services and promotions on the internet in a more targeted way.


In addition, SEA provides even more insights into how customers move on your website and allows you to set better goals. It is possible to respond quickly to changes.


Blue Pixl Media takes over the work for you here: we manage your online advertisements. This way you get even more reach and your company stands out better. It is also possible to do things yourself. We guide you in making the right choices.

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With SEA, customers find your company


Most searches start in Google, such 63,000 / second to put a number on it. Studies also show that 94% of clicks in Google happen from the first page. It speaks volumes that being at the top of Google for your keywords is more important than ever. With a correct set-up of your SEA account and a good keyword analysis, we ensure that your company can be found prominently on the first page.


Since you pay for SEA campaigns to finish at the top of Google, you can get results immediately. We keep a close eye on your campaigns so that you do not pay too much. If we link your Analytics data with Adwords, we will also see the conversion values. This immediately results in a measurable result and you can check in detail what your investment will yield.

At the top of Google

Immediate result

Measurable result

Fast conversion

SEA ad overview
SEA Targeting

From objective to campaign to reporting


How will Blue Pixl Media help you start a successful search engine campaign?


The sequence is as follows:

  • Keyword research, starting with your core business
  • Targeting the ad
  • Design landing pages
  • Including correct call-to-actions according to set goals
  • Determine advertising budget
  • Write and launch advertisements
  • Monitoring, adjusting and adjusting
  • Reporting via custom dashboards

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