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SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of online marketing. With a good strategy, you ensure that your website is at the top of the Google search results.

Why is this important? Because about 80% of internet users use Google to look up things and three quarters of them never look beyond the first page.


It is therefore best to invest time in making your website easier to find. And we can help with that.

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can mean.

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Why is it so important to your website?




Good visibility in search results is essential in the internet age. Everyone, including your target group, first looks up information via the internet before purchasing a product or service. With good SEO you are at the top of the search results and you are visible to your potential customers.




Good visibility ensures more visitors to your website. By building your website in a user-friendly way and tailoring it to the wishes and goals of your target group, you quickly convert these visitors into real leads.




With a good SEO strategy you will be organically at the top of the search results. The visitors who arrive on your website by clicking on your link do not cost a cent. We always recommend combining this with a good one SEA strategy .


B2B & B2C


Whether you sell to companies or individuals, everyone searches the internet. We ensure that our strategy is adapted to your specific target group.

SEO, not a little bug


You get the best SEO results by applying a long-term strategy. SEO is not something that you can achieve in a few days.


Since SEO consists of several points, we start with an audit. We scan your website as if we were a search engine ourselves. In this way we find which matters are already in place and which still need to be worked on. Based on this audit, we make an advisory report and a step-by-step plan. Afterwards we also put our words into action and we get to work. These are some of the things we look at:

Technical SEO

Local SEO

Link building

Vinkje bij content Content

Vinkje bij keywords Keywords

vinkje bij Usability Usability

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Does it sound complicated? Isn’t it?


We are not a fan of difficult words and jargon ourselves. That is why we make sure that we communicate in clear human language during our meetings.


We will keep you informed of the results of the campaign. We put everything together in a clear report so that you can see everything at a glance. Still have questions? No problem, we would be happy to personally explain everything.

Want to make your website’s SEO pop?


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