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It is well known that video works well to attract customers. We see an astronomical amount of images and even before the internet era television advertisements were already big. Today it’s mantra ‘ watch, click, buy ‘an important motivation for making films, although that does not only apply to video of course.


Everything should look nice and people should be feel good at what they see to too take action . Fortunately, today it is quite possible to use start video .


Blue Pixl Media will get you started with the produce from audiovisual means .


Or read some video

can mean for you.

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Why start with video?




People are visual and because of the mobile age we see more images than ever. We do business with people, and the person behind the entrepreneur comes across well through image and sound.




Just as a picture says more than a thousand words, a video says more than a thousand pictures. Research shows that we store visual assets in our memory better than text. Moreover, images are fast, we know within 3 seconds whether we want to look further. We are more likely to choose something we have seen and experienced than something we have to design in our head.




Anyone can start filming with their smartphone. YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are all channels on which we can directly post our video. In addition, we quickly learn what does or does not work. When we post videos on social media, we also interact with our audience.




We can also use audiovisual resources that are on YouTube, for example, on our website, other social media channels and local TV. In addition, we now increasingly share videos in chat groups on WhatsApp or Telegram.

Work on your videos together


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Major parties such as LinkedIn and Facebook have long embraced video. Now you! It goes without saying that we as an entrepreneur will also do something about video production.


Fortunately, we are here to help you design various types of videos: from idea to implementation. But not only that, we also help you to bring these to the attention of your target group.


That way your customers can look, click and buy.


What can we help you with?

Write script

Draw scenario

Arrange production



Delivery via cloud

Build on the customer relationship by posting videos


Video contributes to more than just brand awareness. For example, with video you achieve interaction with your target group on social media. When a video is posted, you not only drive revenue (through link placement), but you also immediately see how people react to the content. That is why it is very important to persevere and to keep experimenting with various types of video.


Blue Pixl Media helps you produce audiovisual resources and guides you through the process. Once video has found its place in the company, it offers a wealth of possibilities. You can already achieve many results using the camera on your smartphone. We can also help you run complete professional productions.

Many shapes offer a lot of room for experimentation

It is sometimes difficult to determine which forms of video we will use for our marketing purposes. On average, we are mainly talking about the products and services of an organization. This determines the content, which is the basis for the purpose of the video resource.


What do we use video for?


  • Product presentations
  • Interviews
  • Documentaries
  • Video Ads
  • TV commercials
  • ‘Quick & dirty’ app videos
  • Explanation animations
  • Testimonials


Blue Pixl Media is happy to work with its customers to find out which types of video media they can best work with.

Examples of our clients:

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