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This november the 400th edition of Clickx Magazine will be published, a milestone to be proud of! 400 editions in which we have done our utmost to educate our readers about the world of technology.


To continue learning, is one of the most important things in life. However, that is not a given for everyone. For example, sick children and young adults cannot always go to school and thus fall behind in their learning. Clickx therefore supports Bednet during its anniversary edition. Bednet ensures that children and young adults who are temporarily unable to go to school due to illness, are live in the classroom via the internet. So they keep up with their learning and stay in contact with their friends.


We have composed a special anniversary package. If you take this package, you will receive an 1/1 advertisement in Clickx 400, you will participate in all communication regarding the anniversary edition and you have the change to make a reader happy with one of your products via a giveaway on You also support Bednet through your participation. We donate 400 euros per anniversary package to Bednet. The total cost for the package is 1,200 euros.

  • Clickx 400 anniversary package
    • 1.200 one-off
      • 1/1 page in Clickx 400
      • Your logo in all the communication involving the 400th edition
      • Give-away on
      • Donation for 400 euro to Bednet

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