a no-nonsense magazine with a unique view on the digital world.

The platform about the digital world, news, hints and practical tips.

Clickx is the most widely read computer magazine in Belgium. This practical and no-nonsense magazine offers a unique view of the digital world, with a well-founded opinion. We have also grown into an online platform.
The team behind Clickx ensures a balanced mix between computer and multimedia news and looks further than its nose. The magazine and platform contain a mix of the points below.
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Who do you reach with Clickx?

Circulation 12x jaar / 22.500
Target audience 18-75 years / Higher social class
Language Dutch
Pageviews per month 100000
Unique visitors per month 50000
Newsletter optins 50000
Articles per week 5
Content Digital world, news, hints and practical tips
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Clickx magazine

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Higher education, between 18 and 70 years old, belonging to the higher social classes.
Clickx targets a wide consumer audience of active computer users

The Clickx benchmark person

He is more educated and a loyal fan of his magazine. He is not a computer technician, but sees his computer as the ideal way to experience or expand his hobbies. He wants to keep up with technological evolutions and wants to apply that knowledge afterwards. He expects his magazine to give him the necessary inspiration, and at the same time provide answers to questions he is struggling with.
Multimedia are important roommates for the Clickx reader. By reading Clickx he gets more pleasure out of his investment. Pleasure that also translates into purchasing extra hardware and software. A digital camera, for example. Or a new photo printer. The Clickx reader likes to see these purchases substantiated in its favorite magazine. He obtains the necessary information from the comparative tests.

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Published twelve times a year with a circulation of 22,500 copies. In each Clickx, extra attention is paid to 1 theme under the heading “Clickx Xtra”.

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