Customer Case Competition

Who has the best Belgian tech case of 2022?

Customer Case Competition


TechPulse Business is looking for “the best Belgian tech case of the year”. Which (smart) problem solution has given the greatest results this year? We focus on originality, innovative strength and (social) result of the case.



Cases online: August 08- 23

Voting round: August 24 – until September 07


How does this work?


During two weeks, the various case submissions will be posted online at The cases are collected there in a well-arranged hub. They are promoted editorially from there in the same way: through our newsletters and social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).


After these two weeks, the voting round will start in which we actively ask our readers and Belgian entrepreneurs to vote on the best cases. In addition, our editorial team uses its expertise to jointly choose a case.

The two best cases ultimately win the prizes:


  • Best Belgian tech case of 2022 – public vote
  • Best Belgian tech case of 2022 – according to our editorial staff


Prizes: The winners will receive a speaker slot Digital Transformation Day worth € 1950.

This year’s topics

AI & Machine learning

AI, Artificial Intelligence concept, Circuit board

Customer centricity

Customer Centric Concept

Home office

Home office






How do you participate?


    1. First of all, it is important that a clear problem definition is framed. What problem was identified and what impact did it have on the organization. In case of problems, consider bottlenecks within the organization or the optimization of existing processes.
    2. It then explains clearly how the problem has been addressed. Which parties and departments are involved? What tasks have been performed? Which tools have been used?
    3. Finally, the customer case deals with the result of the solution. How has it affected the business? The employees? The society?


How does the assessment take place?


All cases are assessed by a professional jury consisting of the TechPulse Business editorial team, supplemented by external experts. Below you will find the profiles of our three-member jury team.

The professional jury


Jens Jonkers

TechPulse Business


Te be determined

To be determined

Participation opportunity


  • Elaborated customer case appears online at TechPulse Business
    • Case is posted on social media
    • Case will be posted in the business newsletter


  • All cases are bundled in an e-book
    • Promotion campaign on TechPulse Business
    • Posted on Social Media
  • Voting round: all cases are included in the voting round:
    • Via social media
    • Via two dedicated mailings
    • Via a promoted campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook
    • Via a banner campaign


For only € 1500

Extra options:


Option 1: Paid Social Media Campaign dedicated at customer level (budget of € 350) € 500, –

Option 2: Inclusion in the TechPulse Business ICT Yearbook | 2 pages – € 1250, –

Option 3: The editors of TechPulse write the customer case based on a telephone interview with you and / or your customer. – € 500, –

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