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Shoot is the platform for and by photographers. We distinguish ourselves through a very practical approach. Our mission is to make all our readers better photographers. We do this through our magazine (published 8 times a year), our website, our social media and our events. With love for the image.

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Circulation 8x year / 20.000 copies
Target audience 25-65 years / Highly educated
Taal Dutch
Pageviews per month 515000
Unique visitors per month 100000
Newsletter optins 10840
Articles per week 5
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Newsletter optins


Articles per week



Target audience

Shoot’s benchmark person is between 25 and 64 years old, highly educated, professionally active with an average to high income and a broad interest in photography, tourism, music, culture, internet and computers. He or she is an amateur photographer with the ambition to take high-quality photos, or a professional photographer. His / her device, or planned purchase, is a digital SLR or system camera, for which he or she will purchase various enhancements and accessories in the future.
The reader of Shoot is not necessarily very technical, but wants to invest in his or her hobby and is looking for a clear and reliable source of information.


Shoot is published eight times a year. The six regular issues contain the familiar mix of portfolios, practice papers and tests. Two theme issues (spring and autumn) each explore one subject. Online readers can visit and, the largest Flemish community for amateur photographers. Shoot also has more than 6,000 active fans on Facebook.
Photography in the rise!
The digital reflex camera has excited a new generation for the creative possibilities of photography. Shoot guides the active photographer and wants to stimulate him or her to photograph more and better. Shoot is distinguished by a practical approach. The magazine’s mission is to make every reader a better photographer. We do not opt for lengthy theoretical considerations, but for realistic subjects. Experienced photographers who are known as the top in their profession share their knowledge in Shoot. Understandable explanations and practical tips help our readers to take better photos. From glamor portrait to culinary photo, from travel report to concert shot.

Shoot opts for local embedding.

The magazine shows its readers the way to the most beautiful photo locations in Belgium and neighboring countries. Our photographers know their area like the back of their hand, and let the reader discover that you often just take the most beautiful photos in the neighborhood. Of course we also let the reader dream of beautiful exotic destinations.

Shoot goes all out for practical tests.

Cameras, lenses and accessories are always tested in practice, so that we can offer the reader a substantiated and balanced judgment about new products.

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