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TechPulse keeps a close eye on the technology world. The website looks beyond the news of the day, and brings you background and analysis of developments in IT, technology and science. TechPulse digs deeper and looks at the impact of technological evolutions on our daily lives and way of working.

TechPulse is growing very fast

With a whole series of new concepts in the pipeline, TechPulse will continue to rise in the coming period.
Every day an experienced editorial team is ready to shine a light on the latest new products and innovations. The website forms the basis for that reporting, but we also look further. For example, in 2019 we launched a weekly technology podcast: TechPod . In addition, we recently launched TechLaunch , our video channel with reviews, unboxings, interviews and interpretation.

Launch in December 2016

Grown lightning fast

Qualitative content

Who do you reach with Techpulse?

Target audience 18-65 year / Higher educated, interested and affinity with ICT
Language Dutch
Pageviews per month 550000
Unique visitors per month 300000
Newsletter subscribers 45000
Articles per week 50
Content ICT-news, test reports, extensive files and downloads

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View the target audience in detail

The target group of TechPulse can best be described as, higher educated, between 18 and 60 years old, belonging to the higher social classes, male and professionally active. They are responsible for a large part of the IT purchases for themselves or their company. Moreover, they are ‘influencers’ who play an important advisory role in their immediate environment either through their professional activity as an IT professional or as an ‘early adopter’.

The TechPulse benchmark person

The TechPulse calibration person is responsible for ICT purchases for himself or for the company. He / she is an influencer and fulfills an important advisory role in his / her immediate environment as an IT professional or as an early adopter.

12 days of Christmas

A unique Christmas promotion on TechPulse


Christmas is a great time to spend with your family. But this is also the perfect period to put your products in the spotlight. That is why we are organizing our “12 days of Christmas” promotion again this year .


In the 12 days before Christmas we create attention for your product in a playful way. Every day we organize new giveaways for visitors to participate in.


Does this seem like something to you? Be sure to check out our 12 days of Christmas page!

12 days of christmas photo with happy christmas

Extra information


Promotion and products!
Files (ebooks) appear on TechPulse in which a certain topic, trend or innovation is examined in detail. To know more click here for the E-book overview.

We also always organize seasonal specials around certain events such as Back to school, Black Friday and Christmas

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