Vision on 2023

Discover the vision of business leaders and opinion leaders for 2023

Vision on 2021

Vision on 2023

A unique view of the business community in 2023 in various sectors.


Also this year there will be a new edition of the e-book: Vision on 2023. This e-book contains a collection of interviews from business leaders and opinion leaders who air their vision and opinions about 2023.


They all do this within their own specialty, such as: AI & Machine Learning, Marketing & E-commerce, IoT & Cloud, Blockchain, Document Management, Big Data & Analytics and Security. These publications will highlight the trends, opportunities and threats facing the various industries. A very interesting collection that highlights the thought leadership of the various business leaders and opinion leaders!

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You can also participate in this, this is possible from € 1750, -.
For this you will receive a one-on-one interview conducted by one of our journalists focused on one of the mentioned topics, in which you can profile your leadership and your company. This interview will be published in the e-book and distributed through our media outlets, such as TechPulse Business .

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In addition to the above basic package, the following options are available:


  1. Separate publication on TechPulse Business homepage € 500 .
  2. Addition of a clear call to action to your service / product € 250 .
  3. Own social media campaign in which we promote your company € 500 .
  4. Recording interview in TechPulse Business newsletter € 400 .

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